Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger

Andrea Unger

CEO | Unger Trading S.R.L

Andrea Unger was born in Tuttlingen, Germany in 1966. He graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 1990 and became a member of MENSA. In 2001 Andrea became an independent trader and focused on the development of trading Systems. In 2005 he won the TopTraderCup in the futures division with a return above 60% in 3 months.

In the same year he won the monthly race of the Tcup organized by the Italian broker IwBank, with a return above 50% in one month. These two results led him to become an honorary member of the “National Investment Consultant Organization” and he also graduated “honoris causa” in “Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation”. In 2006 his mathematical mind led him to publish the first book in the Italian language about Money Management. This book has recently been translated into Chinese.

In 2008, Andrea won The World Cup Trading Championships® in the futures division with a return for the year of 672%. In 2009 Andrea became the first back-to-back winner of the competition in nearly 20 years, with an annual return of 115%. Again in 2010 Andrea became the first trader to ever win the competition three years in a row with an annual return of 240%.

In 2012, after the PFGBest bankruptcy Andrea entered the newly organized Q4 contest, held over the October to December period. He again won this competition with an 82% return for the three months. Andrea is a honorary member of SIAT, the Italian Technical Analysis Society. Andrea has been a speaker at a selection of financial events around the world and, particularly at IFTA 2016 and IFTA 2017 Conferences.


Presentation Topic: Markets evolution and stability

Markets change year after year due to increased activity and faster action related to computers.  Some markets showed a stronger evolution while some others have been much more stable in general terms and trading approaches have not been significantly affected.  Volatility can be a help or an obstacle in figuring out how to make profits, when markets go crazy do they go crazy always the same way?  A journey into some instruments and an in depth picture on miniSP500 futures will put evidence on how evolution impacted on some trading models.


Conference, 28 Oct 2018, Sunday, 14.00 p.m. – 15.00 p.m.