Izrul Zainal Abidin MSTA, CFTe, MBA

Izrul Zainal Abidin MSTA, CFTe, MBA

Izrul Zainal Abidin MSTA, CFTe, MBA

Director | WAZAN Capital Sdn Bhd

Izrul Zainal Abidin is an active speaker in Malaysia particularly in shariah investments. He actively conducts seminars and lectures on awareness of investment scams and genuine regulated investments. He is an associate member of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Malaysia.

Izrul was a director in a few companies in various industries (manufacturing, construction, consulting) in Malaysia and the African continent where his expertise is in debt restructuring and refinancing before joining the capital market. With his vast experience in other industries, Izrul has been assisting the Malaysian Government in developing Vendor Development Programs and Economies of Scale model for small and medium companies particularly in the energy sector through various government agencies namely the Ministry of Finance, the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU) etc.

On his latest project, Izrul is developing a Waqf model and utilizing untapped Islamic funds under his company, WAZAN CAPITAL. He is a certified technical analyst with MSTA and CFTe qualifications and is a special officer to the Malaysian Association of Technical Analyst (MATA).

Presentation Topic: Unravelling Hidden Treasures With The Hijri Calendar Market Cycle & Social Benefits In Shariah Investing Despite Market Volatility

Traditionally, market cycles have always used the standard solar-based calendar, such as the gregorian calendar as the reference point. There exist many different types of calendars being used worldwide based on differing geographic regions, differing historical backgrounds and, of course based on differing religion. Izrul will be discussing the market cycle based on a calendar that is being used by over 1.8 billion people around the world – the hijri calendar, which is the islamic calendar based on the lunar cycle. He will uncover and share the hidden treasures behind it.

The presentation also will discuss on shariah investing and the comparison with ethical investment and how it has and will change the overall investment behavior.


Conference, 27 Oct 2018, Saturday, 17.30 p.m. – 17.45 p.m.